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    High Waisted Bottoms: Features & Advantages

    High Waisted Bottoms: Features & Advantages Beach Beb

    Benefits & Advantages: High Waisted Bottoms


    With so many different styles on offer, high-waisted swimsuits are one of our absolute favourites. We've been asked over and over again about some of the features regarding high-waisted swimsuits so here are our 4 favourite reasons to wear high-waisted bottoms:

    1. Your bottoms won't fall off - Sounds like a no brainer really but I'm sure we've all experienced or seen someone's bottoms get washed away with that first wave. Normal bikini bottoms do have a tendency to be unpredictable in the surf! As high-waisted bottoms cling to your natural waist, they don't easily slip over your curves (regardless how big or small they are) and float away in the distance.

    2. Comfort - High-waisted bottoms tend to feel more natural than anything else as they hug your hips. Giving you lots of freedom to move around without the worry of it moving up or down. Additionally, they also support you in all the right places and are very comfortable, so much so you'll probably never want to take them off!

    3. Flattering - There is a lot of swimsuit bottoms out there that feel a bit tight beneath the belly-button region and naturally show the pooch that most women have. With high-waisted bottoms, they actually smooth over that area and give you peace of mind knowing any extra bits aren't covering up your standard bikini bottoms. Since high-waisted bottoms fall at your natural waist, they are very flattering on all figures and showcase your beautiful figure no matter what shape or size you are.

    4. Minimise Irritation - Getting sick of being sunburnt in areas that are hard to protect and cause further pain later? Look no further than high-waisted bottoms that offer a lot more coverage than your normal bikini bottoms making it less likely for your sensitive skin to develop irritations from the sun or sand. Pack a pair for your next beach trip!


    If you're looking to expand your swimwear collection this summer then check out all the high waisted bottoms currently in stock at

    Latest Swimwear Fashion Trends: Which Swimsuit Suits You?

    Latest Swimwear Fashion Trends: Which Swimsuit Suits You? Beach Beb

    Even on the beach we want to look our best and find the best suited swimsuit for our body! Here is how to pick the right bikini fashion for your body shape.

    Summer might not have started yet, but the beach season surely did! Going to the beach after the many changes our body went through during winter can be a little bit awkward since a few added kilos might be frustrating us! You want to go and enjoy every second, but you just tend to get too anxious to get the body you want and feel secure. This year, with the latest fashion news and tricks, we will not let that frustration get to you, as we will guide you on how to pick the best swimwear for your body shape.


    • For the ladies with curvy bodies: If you have a curvy body, it means you have good busts, thighs and butt and you want them to stand out but in a classy and subtle way. Expose your curves while covering them. Pick color blocking swimsuits they will provide you with enough eye tricks.

    • For the ladies with a tummy: Having a slightly bulging tummy might be a little bit annoying, so you can easily hide it and enjoy your time without worrying about the curves. Go for one piece swimsuits with some details on the tummy; they will hide it in a very simple and cute way. If you are not a one piece suit fan, you can pick two pieces swimsuits; just pick a high-waist swimsuit.

    • For the ladies with a small bust: Having a small bust can make it a little bit harder for some girls. In this case, you should look for very little coverage in the upper swimming suits. Go for triangle bikini, or pick strapless ones and enjoy them because very few can pull off those bras.

    • For the ladies with large busts: you will be seeking to make your breast look smaller, so go for bras with underwire or adjustable straps, they will allow you to control the size and cover as much as possible.

    • For the ladies with curvy hips: for the pear shaped bodies, you will be looking for ways to bring balance between the upper part of your body and the lower one. Go for big bras and detailed ones, and very slim and non-voluminous bottoms.

    If you're looking for more information or have specific questions regarding which swimsuit might suit you best, feel free to message us through our Contact Us page

    Micro Bikini Fashions - How to Look Thinner in Swimwear This Season

    Micro Bikini Fashions - How to Look Thinner in Swimwear This Season Beach Beb

    When you think about going away on vacation or joining your friends on their boat this weekend, do you oftentimes stress about what type of swimming suit to wear because you've put on some extra pounds in the past several months? You know that you'd like to look thinner, but with the micro bikini fashions becoming so popular these days, you feel like putting a sarong over your old one-piece suit and just reading a book pool side. But is that any way to have fun?

    Let's explore several ways that you can look thinner in swimwear this season, including those micro bikini fashions. First, decide which parts of your body you feel are your best assets, and play into those features when considering a new swimsuit.

    Do you have long sexy legs? How about big breasts? Do you have a slender waistline in comparison to the rest of your body? Each one of these is an asset that you can focus on when buying a bikini.

    To cover up those extra pounds, for now, try to find a Lycra suit with a tummy or derriere panel that will minimize the size of one or both of those areas. Lycra compresses the skin without sacrificing comfort. You might also buy or order a swimsuit that's one size larger than the one you wore previously. Buying a larger size helps to minimize the tendency to see bulges through swimsuit material. Another thought is to choose fabrics that are thicker than the other brands. The thicker the material, the more compressed your skin or body parts will appear.

    To life your breasts and make them the focal point of your outfit, choose a bikini top with a built-in bra or a shelf bra. When your onlookers see you in your suit, they will be drawn to your enhanced chest area, rather than focusing on your tummy, or possible large hips (if that's where your extra pounds have settled).

    Another fashion trend is seen in bikinis or one-piece suits that have vertical stripes since the design tends to elongate the body to make it appear taller and thinner. Even if you have never purchased a swimsuit before that had vertical stripes, you really should do yourself a favour and try one on, just to see how you look in the mirror. I think you'll be positively amazed at the results.

    Invite a friend over to your home and go online to look at swimsuits and bikinis. Ask your friend which styles and colours would look best on you. Friends do love to help, and their brutal honesty may surprise you-but in a good way.

    Above all, choose a swimsuit that will flatter your body type, your hair colour, and your skin tone. When you look good, you feel good about yourself, and others will notice.